Get Involved

We welcome you to get involved in Kingdom Building at Bethel Cathedral where we serve, teach, and reach souls for Jesus Christ!


We serve God and God's people through church and community partnerships such as: One Church, One Cop, and local and international missions


We teach the Word of God and God's people through innovative and creative Bible Studies, Sunday worship and ministry opportunities


We reach God's people through inclusive, innovative, intention, and imaginative ministries utilizing cutting edge technology and radical hospitality

Learn about our ministries!

Our ministries are designed to serve you and your families’ needs.

Explore our church ministries below.

Bethel Historical Society

Bethel House Inc.

Birthday Club

Children's Church

Class Leader's Ministry

Lay Organization

Married & Engaged Couples Ministry

Music & Fine Arts Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Men's Ministry

S.A.L.T. Ministry

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Parker Usher Board

Women's Usher Board

Women's Ministry

Women's Missionary Society

Administration and Leadership

Board of Stewards

The Stewards serve as the spiritual leaders of the church and strive to ensure that every member’s needs are met. They also serve as armor bearers for Pastor Carlos and Lady Carla.

Board of Trustees

The Trustees oversee the church campus equipment and handle the facility maintenance of all property of Bethel Cathedral.

Administrative Services

The staff of Bethel Cathedral is committed to serving the community in anyway, wherever and whenever needed. Get to know them. The church office is open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm.