Who We Are

As we continue to change lives by His Spirit and fulfill God’s plan, Bethel Cathedral holds fast to a simple yet profound message – 


Mission Statement:

To Serve, Teach and Reach souls for Jesus Christ

About Our Name

African: The term “African” refers to people of African descent and heritage.  It does not mean that our church was founded in Africa or that it is for people of African descent only.  It simply means that those Americans who founded our denomination were of African descent and we proudly recognize this fact. Richard Allen also used the term “people of color”. He advocated human dignity and religious liberty for people of African descent in America.

Methodist: Our church is a member of the family of “Methodist” Churches.  Richard Allen, our founder and first active bishop, believed that no other religious group of denomination would better suit his people as did Methodism.  He was impressed with its emphasis upon the plain and simple gospel, which the under-developed needed.  He felt Methodism had what we needed to encourage us to make progress, to worship God freely, and to fill every office available to us in the church and in our community.

Episcopal: The word “Episcopal” refers to the form of government under which our church operates.  The Episcopal form of government means that the chief executive and administrative officers of our denomination are our Bishops.  Their authority is given them by the General Conference.  Stated briefly, their responsibilities are to oversee the spiritual and temporal affairs of our church, including presiding over annual conferences, making pastoral appointments, ordaining deacons and elders, organizing missions, and generally promoting the interest of the denomination.